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Задело за живое :) И (12/1/2015)
Задело за живое :) Истории успеха тем и ценны, что не повторяются. У каждого из нас будет свой success story, СВОЙ. Те, кто добились успеха, добились его потому, что думали сами, а не пытались сделать по книжке

Fati - 3kzgAbFk6pT
bravo sigxarhthria s (12/1/2015)
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Elizabeth - aZfRDpD2Fuj
It's a <a href="http (12/1/2015)
It's a <a href="http://tbjwzbs.com">plareuse</a> to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

Julia - Vsl6oOk0
PS2: Rwtisa gia ti p (11/30/2015)
PS2: Rwtisa gia ti photo sto D'n'D giati tin evgale o afderos tou sugkatoikou mou, o opoios etuxe na diamenei sto sugkekrimeno ksenodoxeio stin Frankfourti paramones tou agwna Gallia-Brazilia. Thn photo mazi me duo alles (prohgoumeno ki epomeno kare) tis esteile molis prin 3 meres se filous, oi opoioi profanws tis esteilan se allous filous ki eftasan (kai oi 3?) se sena kai se kapoio dimosiografo tou contra pou tis anevase sto en logw site. Telika o kosmos einai POLY...POLY mikros - kai auto den kserw an einai anagkastika kalo h' kako. Filika.

Fernando - iJyT6lmAx
I feel so much happi (11/30/2015)
I feel so much happier now I unnsertadd all this. Thanks!

Rodrigo - 4s4bZdkp
Serejka ochen' umen (11/30/2015)
Serejka ochen' umen i mudr ne po godam! etot malyw real'no chelovek ot Boga,u nego vse budet zcetahaeml'no! Ochen' sil'nyi,ochen' smelyi,daj v takie trudnye minuty dlya sebya,podderjivaet Slavu!!! Serejkin,solnywko moe rodnoe,ochen' LYUBLYU TEBYA!!! I veryu chto vse budet horowo!!!V sredu my s Serejkoi dogovorilis' chto my ego dojdemsya posle Pekina,tut v Urumchi i vmeste vernemsya v Kyrgyzstan!!! Ya jdu tebya tut,rodnoi moi chelovechek!!! A tam v Kyrgyzstane tebya jdut VSE!!!

Iyan - zHaqNtj0bLZ
That is one great-lo (10/18/2015)
That is one great-looking Cruze you have in the photo and, if it was rear-wheel drive, with commensurate parmorfence, it would be my next auto purchase. Certainly it is not the diesel although it would be nice to see a diesel that didn't look like a diesel.I sat in a Cruze at an auto-show recently and the seat bottoms were like rocks. Hopefully that will change.Love the looks of the Colorado. Hope it performs like a Tacoma. http://diopnm.com [url=http://npuakpuj.com]npuakpuj[/url] [link=http://drmzuv.com]drmzuv[/link]

Haalaa - WzQKxOcsc
Forgive if I'm missi (10/16/2015)
Forgive if I'm missing<a href="http://awivsavwbpn.com"> shetmoing</a> in your comment, but, I think that the correct decision is dependent upon what he actually holds, not what we think he holds.To take the QQ vs JJ example, if we have JJ and our opponent has QQ and we get all our money into the middle before there is a flop we have 17.343% percent equity of the pot. That's obviously not good for us. But you might know that already.Doesn't the correct play depend on the reality of the situation as opposed to our methodology in deriving it? Getting JJ all in against QQ can often be a very forgivable mistake. But it is still a mistake. I could be getting a bit mixed up and you might be making a subtler point about frequencies. Since this blog is new, I'm not really sure what everyone's level of understanding of poker is so I'm trying to avoid poker jargon as shorthand for expressing more advanced concepts. If I've missed your point entirely forgive me.

Amira - byHVICCefyR
I've been lokinog fo (10/14/2015)
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Tingkulu - Cmr1ljDT5
That's a smart answe (10/14/2015)
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Mahesh - pGNeqSWzn
Great thoughts. Suja (10/14/2015)
Great thoughts. Sujatha garu, I have few ideas on old-age home coencpt. I would like to meet you in person. Actually I live in USA and we are coming back permanently to Hyd next year. intha manchi abhipraayaalu vunna group of people oka platform lo vunte..great. I can do something for the society ani chinna excitement. I will be in touch

Arin - xOfyz52V
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