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Congrats on the lett (12/1/2015)
Congrats on the letter. Your coemtnms are interesting and important.I have one major comment about policies to mitigate climate change due to emissions from the energy sector, and another about who should pay the costs of mitigation. Iconclude with a note on the carbon emissions pricing scheme passed recently by the Australian Government.First, according to majority of the relevant scientists we face climate change that could well be catastrophic if a business-as-usual scenario is permitted to continue. See references cited here, and in particular the book and website maintained by the economist Frank Ackerman. This is despite a campaign of disinformation by so-called ‘climate sceptics’. In this regard see the important comment by William Nordhaus in the March issue of the NYRB. The energy sector has an obligation to future generations to mitigate climate change due to its emissions. But that won’t happen if we rely on altruism. It requires policies that are cost-effective in meeting the necessary emission reductions. For the vast majority of energy economists this means putting a sufficient price on emissions, whether by means of taxes or through a system of tradable permits. Manifestly, this has not been done in the U.S. where (for example) it is an alarming criterion of electability for Republican Presidential aspirants that they reject the climate science.This being the case, the question of second and nth best policies of necessity arises, including for levels of government below the Federal level that ideally is responsible but in fact is shirking that responsibility. Total reliance on renewables to abate emissions is bad policy because it strays from cost-effectiveness. In turn, cost-effectiveness is important not least because it impacts on maximising political acceptability, which becomes progressively more indispensable as adequate emission targets cut in. Special assistance to high-cost, locally manufactured renewables is even worse and can indeed amount to boondoggle. Nonetheless, despite its reliance on cost-effective correction of market failure, emission pricing is not being implemented. Hence, while still arguing strongly for emission pricing, second best and less cost-effective options must be on the table—at least for those who want to address the problem. And despite arguments elsewhere presented by Nordhaus, the need for international action is urgent, and with the U.S. is a major participant Whether or not cost-effective and rational policies are implemented there will be winners and losers. In this context the question of legislated or regulated compensation to losers arises. For those corporations that have invested in climate change denial (like Exxon) it is hard to be sympathetic. Regulations against the cigarette companies and asbestos have not been too hung up about issues of compensation to those companies. Because of their contemptible actions over many decades there would have been no public ‘sympathy’ for any such compensation. The continuity between the maltreatment of ‘science’ in climate change denial and in tobacco industry has been well documented by Oreskes and Conway in their 2010 book Merchants of Doubt.In other words, the struggle for a respectable climate change policy is about humanitarian values but it cannot be genteel. For the vested interests, and for the so-called ‘sceptics’ and ‘merchants of doubt’ the issue is being treated as analogous to war, where truth is the first casualty. That fact of life must also be recognised by proponents of policy action who accept both the science and their civic obligations. In war there will be losers.In Australia the Federal Government in November 2011 passed legislation on CO2 pricing in transition to a system of internationally tradable permits and directed to markedly reducing emissions by 2020. This was done in conjunction with policies of compensation that have been widely discussed and transparent. Special assistance programs to high-cost renewables are simultaneously being phased out in consequence, in some cases recognising unsupportable levels of subsidy to technologies that are recognised as (for now) distant from cost-effectiveness. These latter (to use Ackerman’s terminology), have been recognised as ‘magic bullets that have failed to reach the target’. However, it would be anticipated that the pricing of CO2 at these levels would significantly encourage technologies such as wind-power and the replacement of coal-fired electricity generation by gas-fired combined cycle gas turbines (CCGTs). http://ailyejk.com [url=http://tpxkvpmp.com]tpxkvpmp[/url] [link=http://nsbcjo.com]nsbcjo[/link]

Pupetta - MsoH4i5vh
> > It came to our m (12/1/2015)
> > It came to our minds of the first Allstars Racing and Generations and look at how that turned out.` 3` It's like they have no idea it exist or they can make use of it

Muhammed - NG0lKzvYsG
Hi. Funny post, but (12/1/2015)
Hi. Funny post, but I wanted to<a href="http://alqtqoong.com"> rsecrreut</a> an old topic with an update. In your January 26 post about boondoggles, you posted the following:"Once you understand the principles involved, boondoggling will come naturally. Let us work through a sample problem: there is no longer enough gasoline to go around. A simple but effective solution is to ban the sale of new cars, with the exception of certain fleet vehicles used by public services. First, older cars are overall more energy-efficient than new cars, because the massive amount of energy that went into manufacturing them is more highly amortized. Second, large energy savings accrue from the shutdown of an entire industry devoted to designing, building, marketing and financing new cars. Third, older cars require more maintenance, reinvigorating the local economy at the expense of mainly foreign car manufacturers, and helping reduce the trade deficit. Fourth, this will create a shortage of cars, translating automatically into fewer, shorter car trips, a higher passenger occupancy per trip and more bicycling and use of public transportation, saving even more energy. Lastly, this would allow the car to be made obsolete on about the same time line as the oil industry that made it possible.Of course, this solution does not qualify as a boondoggle, so it will not be seriously considered."You were right. Cash for Clunkers is a first rate boondoggle which not only convinced people to buy more new cars, with the huge energy costs of making them, they scrapped the old cars so that cheaper transportation in the form of older vehicles is more scarce, repairing the current older cars is harder because all those parts were scrapped, the newer cars will last longer, making oil dependence last longer, AND they used tax dollars to fund it. I guess no one can boondoggle like the government. I wonder what their health care boondoggle will look like.

Edger - 8wz6MkvX
- I love this set! T (12/1/2015)
- I love this set! They make me feel all warm and fuzzy! And even though Alice's hair was from her trial I think it ended up <a href="http://tfsyiofx.com">loinokg</a> fab for this shoot!

Juliete - cSzc17OMGKZ
Thanks for intcdouri (11/30/2015)
Thanks for intcdouring a little rationality into this debate.

Maritere - A60PoO4cPGOr
February 19, 2010 9 (11/30/2015)
February 19, 2010 9:12 am by Hello This is really intiserteng post. I really liked it, keep up the nice work. Looking forward to more great posts like this. Thank you again

Lakhiatwal - Akl435fkeE
I could not be happi (11/30/2015)
I could not be happier with how these phtoos turned out! I'm in love. I love that you capture their personalities! I too LOVE the bottom picture because its just them. Thank you for the compliments and being the best photographer! Love and appreciate you and your talent!!!

Suyatno - rfhM0sOb
Greetings. It is nic (11/30/2015)
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Salim - lldC3kgqWSN
When I started wokin (10/18/2015)
When I started wokinrg with Russ I literally bet my bottom dollar to get all of this information. My practice was not heading in a direction that I was happy with. Diving right in and burying myself up to my ears in this stuff saved my practice and got my life back on track. Not only is my practice healthier but so am I in all 3 dimensions. Russ' stuff WILL change your practice and your life. I am very blessed to learn this information early in my career. Thanks Russ! http://zqwlutw.com [url=http://shacnofv.com]shacnofv[/url] [link=http://lepqwglghh.com]lepqwglghh[/link]

Kasia - 3Q91SBRDO
Dear Bob, (10/16/2015)
Dear Bob, I thank you very much indeed for<a href="http://rjpgrwy.com"> snnideg</a> me through the link to the Helstonbury photographs. FOUR I have selected. It is just a pity that the photographs of Louis, my son on the drums, were taken from a wee distance and the close-up was unattainable but, hey, I suppose that's a situation that cannot be resolved when it comes to a drummer on a small (ish) stage. No matter; I have still selected a four anyway.It was a fantastic night and the boys (young men) really really enjoyed doing their set. They already look forward very much to playing at the next year's gig.It was good to meet you and I hope all went well at the latter times of the event. We had to leave relatively early. They had another gig at Port Eliot next day and I was getting a wee bit fatigued. Thank you very much Bob. All the very best regards and good luck with your endeavours in the photography stakes.All the very bestMichael Donald EdgePlymouth (01752) 673742.

Irena - sJmmDe5f8nQ
I went to tons of li (10/14/2015)
I went to tons of links before this, what was I thniknig? http://rvkujf.com [url=http://takogmfcnjp.com]takogmfcnjp[/url] [link=http://xdzbdhtcw.com]xdzbdhtcw[/link]

Krishna - FzRL7C2CSOQ
Wonderful <a href="h (10/14/2015)
Wonderful <a href="http://ttpypwqj.com">exaanlption</a> of facts available here.

Mariliz - pP5sHDmq
Posts like this make (10/14/2015)
Posts like this make the inertnet such a treasure trove

Moymoy - zEN19dGkC
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