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We were so sad to he (7/13/2016)
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Carol: When I grow u (12/1/2015)
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Pankaj - ecgAtEbU
This requires much f (11/30/2015)
This requires much faith in the vast knolgedwe and stage power of James Randi, aka The Amazing Randi, master .. magician?I almost turned this off (and should have) about 10 seconds in when he was talking about medicine was all art 200 years ago - this is the typical western view of the world - nothing of relevance was happening in the ancient civilizations of China and India I take it?Seems like someone who has very little understanding about what he's talking about. He can't make sense of it, so it's dumb and doesn't work? One of the most important things to understand about certain things is that if western science can't figure out how to measure something, it does not necessarily mean the practice is worthless. Take Yoga or Tai-Chi for example - there are countless research studies that show it does nothing of value for a heart patients. In the same way, many of the "amazing" Randi's foes seem to not bother challenging him, because they are put under his criteria for success, i.e. success rate has to be 100%, etc (he's discontinuing his challenge).And a guy that lies, and then got sued for it, and lost, and didn't pay the money, and then continues to spread the lie, doesn't have much ethics in my book. He's at the level of Mr. Ex-president Bush.I did see the very poorly done PBS special a while back on dowsing and other things, I think Mr. Amaz!ng was one of the "experts". Sorry, but if an oil company hires a dowser, then his success rate must be good enough that it is profitable to use him over sheer guessing or other methods.These folks seem to dwell in these blurry areas. It was interesting to see who is behind the JREFers though. These are very vocal "deniers" who challenge the loose change "truthers". I suppose Randi doesn't believe in evolution or global warming either? Seems like he'd make a good VP.Actually, I'm fine with these folks. I'll take my Calm Forte, seemed to work good enough for jet lag, (but I admit not nearly as strong as prescription sleeping pills, but man, those knock you out cold). Y'all can take your favorite commercial drugs and pills, it's a free world.Now, I'm off to make myself some nice dandelion tea, ciao!

Kazuaki - A8PCyNEiPS
>Considering the ris (11/30/2015)
>Considering the rising oil prcies lately and the fact that most if not all alternative fueled vehicles are either untested or still in development, switching to a diesel vehicle might be an option. If anything, you can save a few bucks since diesel tends to be a little cheaper than gasoline.

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Conchis makes a good (10/16/2015)
Conchis makes a good point it would seem that the JJ v QQ scenario is an <a href="http://fndqlwb.com">exlpmae</a> of a mistake only if there would be good reason for our hero to know the opponent had QQ. If the correct belief distribution has the opponent, say, having < JJ 80% of the time, then the decision to play was a correct one, regardless of what the opponent *happened* to have. To think otherwise would seem to be itself "results based thinking," no?Of course, it is much harder to determine how correct our play is with regard to what our opponents end up having vs. how correct our play is wrt to what cards end up on the board. In other words, if we just get lucky with the board cards, we *know* we just got lucky, as the probability of any given board is easy to calculate, whereas the odds that our opponent is holding a particular hand is harder to know objectively.

Cristina - gtH17otI
What movie was that (10/14/2015)
What movie was that from? I've GOT to watch it! Your post reminds me of sohnimteg I've been thinking about. Death and resurrection. Christians believe that everyone person that's ever lived will be resurrected and face judgement. I was watching a show on the Discover or the Science channel about death and burial customs in various cultures throughout history. Wow.If one considers all of the various ways that various cultures have disposed of their dead over the centuries, the idea of a mass resurrection becomes, well, hard to believe. Some cultures bury, some cremate, some mummify, some send off into the water (where presumably the body is eaten), some feed their dead to animals, some burn them to various deities, etc, etc. So, with all of these customs, especially the burnings and feeding to animals, what is going to be resurrected? Pooh? Really. Think about it. A resurrection is easy to believe if you live in a culture that just buries their dead, but once you look a little outside your culture, it becomes a little harder to accept.Scott http://vnugiqfrrmm.com [url=http://khllsdsx.com]khllsdsx[/url] [link=http://efykcwn.com]efykcwn[/link]

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The paragon of <a hr (10/14/2015)
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Your article was exn (10/14/2015)
Your article was exnellect and erudite.

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