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While there may be m (7/13/2016)
While there may be many reasons to bash the Chinese, with graffiti at tourist sites, . Or reminders that Dokdo is Korean etched in Hangeul on wooden prayer boards outside Japanese temples. Not vandalism but just as obsoxioun. I guess they could follow their former overlords and, instead of leaving Hangul messages, they just take the stuff home with them. ;)

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I still have faith i (12/3/2015)
I still have faith in the idea of Notre Dame, the idea of the United States of America, and the idea that mankind is<a href="http://clsgvkhz.com"> cplbaae</a> of goodness in a fashion that liberal philosophy, with its emphasis on government solutions that necessarily conflict with the ideals of freedom, is incapable of understanding.Witness is, after all, a matter of freely made choices, is it not? Every time that government impinges on freedom, it impinges on something deeply fundamental about the way that God has arrayed the world, does it not? If government forces me through taxes to pay for a universal health care solution that assaults the rights of the unborn (in other words, if it confiscates my personal property to fulfill its own desires) then it is acting against the natural order established by God, is it not? What about my freedom to witness as I see fit? What about my freedom to witness by using my resources to support the health of the unborn, if I so choose?I don’t believe Fr. Jenkins, or Barack Obama, or whoever it is that might be the current leader of the American right, are leading us toward the very best that Notre Dame, America, or mankind in general have to offer. The component that is missing for my faith to be actualized is thoughtful leadership committed to the the Truth. What does the position of Barack Obama vis-e0-vis the unborn citizens of the world say about his personal witness? Will you question his witness as directly as you have questioned mine? I have chosen not to participate in the picktory process this year because if I took the same tact as everyone else and chose instead to return to business as usual where ND is concerned, then who is left to voice the position of those who cannot speak for themselves?Is that decision also not a viable way for me to witness, to express my faith in God?Just because I don’t submit a score for a football game once a week, however, does not mean that I have abandoned the spirit of picktory. It has always been my intent to still make my contribution to the winners charity when the season has ended, just as I always have, assuming that it is not a donation made directly to ND. If it is such, then I will make a similar donation in another direction.

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May 16, 2012 6:56 p (12/1/2015)
May 16, 2012 6:56 pm by Stan This is about Gender Equality in the USA as it currently extsis. Over the years I have observed the pendulum swing from one extreme to the other. In our zeal to make certain women and girls were treated equally, the unintended consequences have resulted in a war against men and boys. This war is being acted out on several fronts. I have listed a few below. This blog is open to all for comment on both sides of the issues, please keep your comments clean and respectful.Educational system: Lets us begin with Title 9, pertaining to sports in our public school systems. It was intended to expand participation of girls in sports. However in practice the unintended consequence has been to take resources away from boys sports activities. Here is how it works ( or doesn’t) In order for boys to have a baseball, football, soccer, etc. programs, there has to be an equal number of girls fielding a team of a similar girls sport, otherwise funding will not be available. Well as it turns out girls are just not as interested in team sports as boys are, who could have guessed? As a result boys sports have suffered for lack of funding because we can’t spend more on boys sports than we do on girls sports. For years, in the past, girls lagged behind in math and sciences. Huge amounts of funds and attention were thrown at the problem, so much so that nearly all the attention is currently directed to educating girls, whereas the boys are being left behind in huge numbers. All one needs to do is look at the graduating HS statistics, the GPA’s and College admission statistics to understand that we are not fairly or properly educating our boys any longer. I am the mother of two fine young men, and I can tell you first hand that battling for male equality in the public school system has been a real challenge. There are not enough male teachers to begin with and many of the women who teach simply do not care about the boys. I have seen them grade the males much more harshly than the girls, even cutting the girls breaks. I have had occasion to speak with two who felt that boys were a nuisance and distraction and just sent them to the principal’s office. I agree boys are full of energy and can be a distraction, that’s how they are wired, boys and girls are different but both can be a distraction, boys are more routinely punished for it than girls.WAR AND MILITARY SERVICE: Well here again the males come up with the short straw. Granted both young men and women serve in the military, it is predominately our young men who come home dead or with mutilated bodies. The women that serve do so in support positions to free up the males for the front lines. Granted many women have suffered the same fate as the males in Iraq and Afganistan, due to the indiscriminate bombing done by our enemies, but these numbers are a very small percentage.We have become desensitized to all these deaths and the fact that males are considered expendable when it comes to war, we have become used to it ( men in body bags that is). We are not ready to see our pretty little girls come home in body bags, or maimed, and we shouldn’t be. Why are we so accepting of our beautiful young men coming home that way. I think the reason is simply that someone has to do it, males are better suited for it because of their strength and that society has placed a lower value on the life of a male over that of a female.DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: When you hear that phrase you automatically think of a man beating a woman, or some similar vision, heck I did, until I looked into it. We have become brainwashed and conditioned to think that way. Statically according the bureau of labor and statistics DV has 60 female and 40% male victims. However males are far less likely to report, or admit to being a victim of DV, while this is true for some women as well, think about the male “ macho thing” and what makes sense to you? So if you agree that men are less likely to report or admit to being a victim of DV, what would you say the actual real statistic would be 50/50? He is what we do know from the reports. Women are much more likely to be more violent in their attacks against a husband or boyfriend, to include using knifes, scissors, bats, groin kicks, etc. than males areHE DARK SIDE OF WAR AND WHAT OVER GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW: About 20 years ago, I had the opportunity to talk with my uncle. He was an army doctor who served in the Pacific Theatre as well as the European Theatre during WWII. He was insistent that I know of these atrocities so they could be known. Until now I have not done much with the information he gave me but feel I should share it now. I should note that I have done some additional research on this and there is clear evidence that these practices still go on and that they have for hundreds and hundreds of years, in one form or another.Pacific Theatre: The Japanese did not take prisoners as the conditions were primitive on these islands and they had no place to hold them. Rather than just shoot these young men, they tortured them to death. The most common practice was to kick or otherwise beat their testicles until they were mush. Whether or not they survived those beatings, which sometimes lasted for days, the Japanese would cut off the guys Penis, which would cause the captive the bleed to death. The Japs would collect these Penises for trophy’s and hang them in their caves. Hundreds were found in the aftermath, but did you hear about this from our government?European Theatre: Here the Germans were just as evil, perhaps more. The translated term for this was called testicle “pulping” but to be fair, both sides engaged in this torture. The Nazi’s for the most part did take prisoners and many men survived these beatings, albeit without a set of working testicles. You would think that with so many survivors of this torture it would be widely known. However not many men wanted to make it known they had no testicles, as it was humiliating and embarrassing. The Nazi’s had a particularly cruel method of torture that some of the gestapo units practiced, that did often lead to death of the guy. The practice started with one particularly evil female officer. This was the practice of inserting a curved glass rod up into the penis and then inducing and erection. This would cause the rod to break within the penis causing significant bleeding and other obvious complications. Those that received medical attention afterwards survived but most lost the organ and many died. Other gestapo agents just inserted a straight glass rod into the penis then smashed the organ with a hammer. These unfortunate men lost the organ. Did you hear about any of this from our government?Vietnam: There is plenty of literature written and available on the web about the occurrence of castration by the VC on our young men. Rather than a “policy” however it appears to have been up to the whims of the captors. The are several pieces written about one VC woman sniper who enjoyed torturing her captives for hours, including cutting off eyelids, breaking fingers, etc. . before finally cutting off the captives entire package with one cut. Then there was the “bouncing Betty” land mine. Originally developed by the Germans to explode 3 feet off the ground it was designed to destroy, penis, testicals and even rip through femoral arteries. Again our government does not want you to know this happens. http://bbdorxxnvzn.com [url=http://twdszcko.com]twdszcko[/url] [link=http://qfhaaxu.com]qfhaaxu[/link]

Shefty - ZpMpAUXNT
no tak, ale o statuc (12/1/2015)
no tak, ale o statucie szkoły usnalote jest że ma być jedna rada rodzicf3w, więc aby dokonać zmainy musiano zmienić statut, a żeby go zmienić grono nauczycielskie na czele z dyrekcją musiało o tym zdecydować, ciekawi mnie czyja była ta decyzja suwerenna dyrektora szkoły, czy zapadła po tym jak zaakceptował ten pomysł nasz szanowny wf3jt .. źle zadałam pytanie po prostu http://naekbxxcow.com [url=http://dfkdfm.com]dfkdfm[/url] [link=http://kcvqxnbo.com]kcvqxnbo[/link]

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Przede wszystkim jeś (12/1/2015)
Przede wszystkim jeśli<a href="http://xvnhin.com"> poawtsje</a> nowa szkoła, tak jak u nas Chociszew w Parzeczewie to do tworzenia statutu winni być rf3wnież zaproszeni rodzice! To po pierwsze. Europejska Karta Praw i Obowiązkf3w Rodzicf3w gwarantuje im wpływ na politykę oświatową realizowaną w szkołach. Ponadto nowelizacja ustawy o systemie oświaty z 11.04.2007r. ma na celu podniesienie rangi i zwiększenie roli rodzicf3w w funkcjonowaniu szkoły. Po drugie Rada Pedagogiczna zatwierdza statut, ale kuratorium musi go zaopiniować. Kuratorium może uchylić statut szkoły lub niektf3re postanowienia, jeśli są sprzeczne z prawem. Naturalnie wf3wczas organ prowadzący (u nas wf3jt) od decyzji kuratora oświaty może się odwołać do ministra właściwego do spraw oświaty i wychowania (tu już mamy pewne doświadczenie). Życzę Rodzicom mądrości, wytrwałości i woli działania. Mam nadzieję, że tym mądrym działaniom będzie sprzyjała także polityka władz samorządowych. Rf3żnica między niemożliwym a możliwym leży w ludzkiej determinacji.

Elvinette - qiWXKBr3PkdJ
I rarely <a href="ht (12/1/2015)
I rarely <a href="http://nunqyiah.com">bemcoe</a> involved with organizations such as yours, however, I find so many of the comments, etc. posted on your website to be so blatantly misleading that I feel I must respond to reveal to you your errors. Your references to the writings of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams are incomplete and misleading (either inadvertant or premeditated on your part) which can only result in creating doubt as to the veracity of your entire site and ultimately your organization. By using only selected passages to support your position you are reverting to a tactic known as Revisionism by Omission .Your example of a John Adams quote in which he stated e2809cThis would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion in ite2809d is a prime example of the revisionists ploy of Revision by Omission'. This Adams quote is taken from a letter he wrote to Thomas Jefferson on April 19, 1870, in which Adams illustrated the intolerance often manifested between Christians in their denominational disputes. Adams recounted a conversation between two ministers he had known. A review of the entire conversation must be examined to understand Adamse28099 meaning and intent:I verily believe I was as wise and good seventy years ago, as I am now. At that period Lemuel Bryant was my parish priest, and Joseph Cleverly my Latin schoolmaster. Lemuel was a jocular and liberal scholar and divine, Joseph a scholar and a gentleman, but a bigoted Episcopalian of the school of Bishop Saunders and Dr. Hicks; a downright, conscientious, passive obedience man in church and state. The parson and the pedagogue lived much together, but were eternally disputing about government and religion. One day, when the schoolmaster had been more than commonly fanatical, and declared, e2809cif he were a monarch, he would have but one religion in his dominions,e2809d the parson coolly replied, e2809cCleverly! you would be the best man in the world, if you had no religion.e2809d Twenty times, in the course of my late reading, have I been on the point of breaking out, e2809cthis would be the best of all possible worlds, if there was no religion in it!!!e2809d But in this exclamation, I should have been as fanatical as Bryant or Cleverly. Without religion, this world would be something not fit to be mentioned in polite companye28094I mean hell. (John Adams in an 1817 letter to Thomas Jefferson, The Works of John Adams, Second President of the United States , Vol 10, p 254. ).Not only is this misrepresented as being a reply from Jefferson to Adams, it is noted correctly as an Oft-Misquoted Adams Quip in your own reference. In Jeffersons' reply to Adams he did state If by religion we are to understand sectarian dogmas, in which no two of them agree, then your exclamation on that hypothesis is just, that this would be the best of worlds if there were no religion in it. . I attempted to locate the Jefferson letter to William Short on August 3, 1822 you reference on the website but have been unable to locate such a letter containing such a statement. It has been alleged that Thomas Jefferson called himself a Deist. An analysis of the historical record indicates not only did Jefferson not refer to himself as a Deist but called himself a Christian: e2809cI am a Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus.e2809d (Jefferson, The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol XIV, p. 385, 1904)Jefferson was fully cognizant of the many wrongs, corruptions and transgressions committed in the name of Christianity but still held to his Christianity. To the corruptions of Christianity I am, indeed opposed; but not to the genuine precepts of Jesus himself. I am a Christian, in the only sense in which he wished any one to be; sincerely attached to his doctrines, in preference to all others. The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol X, p. 380.I realize this may not be posted.Dr. Chambers

komentarz nr 1741 pi (12/1/2015)
komentarz nr 1741 pisze: Poniżej zamieszczam<a href="http://cmsbhp.com"> ktemnoarz</a> autorstwa internautki o ksywce Basia Łaskawa.Zaznaczam, że nie jest to stanowisko Stowarzyszenia, tym bardziej, że nie było nikogo z nas na wsponianym przez Basię zebraniu. Ponieważ jednak zasady forum zobowiązują nas do publikacji, więc publikuję:Bogusława M-reaktywacja!!!!Komunikat-ostrzeżenie!!!!Osoba ciesząca się niesławą z powodf3w, o ktf3rych wszyscy wiemy, wraca do gry jako szara eminencja!! W niedzielę na zebraniu wiejskim w Porębie Żegoty bez wahania zasiadła za stołem prezydialnym przy burmistrzu, sołtysie i radnym- swoim mężu. Jak zwykle butna, arogancka i chaotyczna. Najpierw bezpodstawnie zarzuciła kłamstwo sołtysowi, sama okłamując mieszkańcf3w Poręby, potem nakrzyczała na tych , ktf3rzy nie chcą w Porębie ulic i że w domyśle, ci co nie chcą są ćwokami, a na koniec chciała żeby ulice przegłosować na tym zebraniu.Miała czelność apelować o wspf3łpracę, o nie wzniecanie konfliktf3w ale to jest nie możliwe w oparciu o nieuczciwość.Nie długo mieszkam w Porębie ale proszę mieszkańcf3w niech rozdawane przez Rodzinę Kolpinga „wyborcze” dary nie przysłonią wam rzetelnej oceny osf3b publicznych, ktf3re powinny być uczciwe i kierować się dobrem Poręby, nie własnym.Panie burmistrzu Rychlik, ponoć Bogusława M dąży do wspf3łpracy z panem. Proszę niech pan nie zadaje się z Bogusławą M, bo może to panu nie przysporzyć pozytywnej aury.Zawiedziona Barbara Ł.PS. moje spostrzeżenia umieszczam na stronie Nowej Alwerni, bo tylko wy dążycie do przejrzystości życia publicznego w gminie i do tego żeby nami rządziły osoby uczciwe.

Jose - 9MVnmQWPB4Q
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